The first 12m offshore race boat designed by Rob Shaw, build by Craig Partridge Yachts.

Design Objective: to maximise the performance potential of a 12m offshore monohull, with the capacity to sleep a full crew and with a usable interior. This is a versatile boat, set up for high performance racing either short-handed or fully crewed, both harbour and offshore. Blink is built with racing in the infamous Cook Strait in mind, with robust construction and systems, foam core, and options chosen with the wisdom that 'to win you must first finish' in mind: twin rudders, twin hydraulic rams, and dual hydraulic keel power sources (electric and engine pumps).

These numbers are from before the extra 90kg added to bulb in 2019
Length: 12m / Sailing Displ: 4.1T (8 crew) / Empty Displ 3.6T / Draft: 3m / Keel Cant Angle: 50° / RM (max): 7,687 kg/m / Mast: 19.8m
Fixed prod: 1m / Retractable prod: 2.5m / SA up: 110m2, down: 268m2

Sail Number: 110011 / VHF Call Sign: ZMU2211
More details, interior pics, plans at bottom of page.

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Race Results

Blink race results highlights
1st on elapsed time, Round North Island 2-handed 2014 (Rob Shaw and TW) and 2017 (VW and TW)
1st on Line, Round North Island 2-handed 2014 and 2017
1st PHRF Division 1, and 2nd IRC Division 1, Round North Island 2-handed 2017
1st in RPNYC 2014-2015 Offshore Series on Club, PHRF, and IRC
Season Champions RPNYC 2015-2016 PHRF and Line
New Zealand Design/Build Trophy (Muir Vonu Trophy) Auckland-Fiji Race 2016
Race record Kapiti-Chetwodes-Ship Cove 2015
Race record Cook Strait Classic 2015
Race record 2016 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Yacht Race
Race record 2018 Catherine Cove Race

First on Line:
Island Bay race Nov 2013*, Brothers Race Nov 2013*, Cook Strait Classic Dec 2013* (*beating Elliot 50 canter Ran Tan in all 3 of these races), Brothers Race 2014, Kapiti-Chetwodes 2015, Port Nich Regatta 2015 overall line honours, Alan Martin Series 2015, Cook Strait Classic 2015, Nelson Race 2016, RPNYC 2016 Season Div 1, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Yacht Race 2016, Mana-Ship Cove 2016, Brothers Islands Race 2016, Round North Island 2-handed 2014 and 2017,
Brothers Islands Race 2017, Catherine Cove Race 2018, Wellington-Lyttleton 2018

5 May 2013

4th May

Visited Yard in torrential rain, looks like drought not a problem in Northland anymore...

Deck now fitted- the lid is on.  Pete has been doing a great job of keeping things moving - but with characteristic attention to detail - while Craig hasn't been in so often in the last couple of weeks.  

That blue thing is a 44 gallon drum ... somehow the scale gets lost without a reference and it all looks quite small in some photos

Transom, aft lockers, portlights in aft end of seats for quarterberths.

fordeck opened up to access prod as passes through bow, for more reinforcing of exit point.  Recessed forestay attachment looks very nice, sockets for stanchions.

Chainplates nearly finished.  That bevel of the hull/deck join looks really good.

Deck mould in foreground, square structure sitting on top of it to the left is the hatch slider for the companionway

Pete fitting the stanchions into their slots.  Bow looks bigger with someone in the picture to provide scale...

Composite stanchions, pulpit with easy access to prod between these

 Galley looks similar to last time, but for the bevel and fiddle on the benchtop and more work on the keel structures
Portlights in back of seats visible from the inside here, these were primarily put in for ventilation but will be quite good for light as well

It seems like a long way from the companionway to the end of the front cabin.  Lots of headroom everywhere, not even much of a duck required from a 180cm/6ft chap to get over the keel box

Area behind the aft sealed bulkhead (where the steering gear will go) has been clear-coated and pretty much finished.  Except for the steering gear of course...

And a few interesting bits and pieces ...

Speaking of the steering ... here are the rudder stocks, nearly solid carbon, very chunky and seriously strong.  They are awaiting bearings before going in.

One of the dagger board cases that will pass through the boat at the outside edges of the back of the saloon, just in front of the galley and chart table.

Gori folding prop, not much drag when these blades are folded in.

Plates for the hydraulic ram attachments.  Theses are also mostly solid carbon

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