The first 12m offshore race boat designed by Rob Shaw, build by Craig Partridge Yachts.

Design Objective: to maximise the performance potential of a 12m offshore monohull, with the capacity to sleep a full crew and with a usable interior. This is a versatile boat, set up for high performance racing either short-handed or fully crewed, both harbour and offshore. Blink is built with racing in the infamous Cook Strait in mind, with robust construction and systems, foam core, and options chosen with the wisdom that 'to win you must first finish' in mind: twin rudders, twin hydraulic rams, and dual hydraulic keel power sources (electric and engine pumps).

These numbers are from before the extra 90kg added to bulb in 2019
Length: 12m / Sailing Displ: 4.1T (8 crew) / Empty Displ 3.6T / Draft: 3m / Keel Cant Angle: 50° / RM (max): 7,687 kg/m / Mast: 19.8m
Fixed prod: 1m / Retractable prod: 2.5m / SA up: 110m2, down: 268m2

Sail Number: 110011 / VHF Call Sign: ZMU2211
More details, interior pics, plans at bottom of page.

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Race Results

Blink race results highlights
1st on elapsed time, Round North Island 2-handed 2014 (Rob Shaw and TW) and 2017 (VW and TW)
1st on Line, Round North Island 2-handed 2014 and 2017
1st PHRF Division 1, and 2nd IRC Division 1, Round North Island 2-handed 2017
1st in RPNYC 2014-2015 Offshore Series on Club, PHRF, and IRC
Season Champions RPNYC 2015-2016 PHRF and Line
New Zealand Design/Build Trophy (Muir Vonu Trophy) Auckland-Fiji Race 2016
Race record Kapiti-Chetwodes-Ship Cove 2015
Race record Cook Strait Classic 2015
Race record 2016 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Yacht Race
Race record 2018 Catherine Cove Race

First on Line:
Island Bay race Nov 2013*, Brothers Race Nov 2013*, Cook Strait Classic Dec 2013* (*beating Elliot 50 canter Ran Tan in all 3 of these races), Brothers Race 2014, Kapiti-Chetwodes 2015, Port Nich Regatta 2015 overall line honours, Alan Martin Series 2015, Cook Strait Classic 2015, Nelson Race 2016, RPNYC 2016 Season Div 1, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Yacht Race 2016, Mana-Ship Cove 2016, Brothers Islands Race 2016, Round North Island 2-handed 2014 and 2017,
Brothers Islands Race 2017, Catherine Cove Race 2018, Wellington-Lyttleton 2018

31 March 2013

Getting Closer!

Next visit to Keri Keri is on the 5th of April.  The boat is coming along nicely.  Craig Partridge and his expert team of boat builders at Craig Partridge Yachts are working flat tack.  Our experience of building a new boat has been fantastic largely as a result of choosing a great designer in Rob and boat builder in Craig.  Rob and Craig have involved us every step of the way and it has been a privilege to see this boat evolve into something very special.  Lots of help and support along the way from various kindly and interested sailing folk in Wellington.  We have sold our Young 11 Clear Vision to a great sailor who is connected with her history and who we know will sail her to rival other Young 11s in Nelson.  It was really hard seeing Clear Vision go as we have had so many great times and have many wonderful memories.

Bring on the launch date for our Shaw 12!

Internal Hull Construction Started Jan 2013

Hull turned over and ready for internal structure

Yup, that's pretty close to centered ;-)

No, not Kilroy...

Feb 2013; looking forward over transom

Feb 2013, overview

Transom to left, aft main bulkhead (sealed, will have hatch to allow access from aft cabin to steering gear)

February 2013

March 2013

Looking aft from saloon towards port stern.  From near to far: keel bulkheads, space for cooker, benchtop area, port quarterberth.

Engine and fuel tank.  Beginnings of heads enclosure.  Designer's feet.

Constructing heads enclosure, starboard near companionway steps, starboard quarterberth on right of picture

Building of the hull shell started in mid-November 2012

Final layers of wax so the carbon won't stick ... then on goes the black shiny stuff ...

Port rudder location

Late November 2012.  First layer of carbon on, then fitting of foam core material

As on the deck, higher-density foam for high-load / slamming areas.  Slot is the daggerboard location

Foam glued and sealed with epoxy, being vacuum-bagged into place

Then surface re-faired

9th December 2012: foam and fairing pretty much done
 ... with nice attention to detail, great workmanship.

Then the outer skin of carbon went on

Fairing the hull before undercoat

Undercoat after yet more sanding and fairing ...

Fairing and undercoat finished just before Xmas 2012

 Lifted off mould, preparing for hull weighting and turnover, January 2013

 Hull turned over 16 January 2013.  Weight 387 kg (incl. fairing and paint).

Deck, Hull, Hull Mould, 20 January 2013

Hull Mould construction started in October 2012

Heavier construction so there couldn't be deformation if it was stored for a while outside ...

Then cedar strips to form the skin of the mould.  Lovely workmanship, beautiful timber ... and it's just the mould.  Although it could possibly become a hull one day.

Happy boatbuilder...

Glassing over the cedar

Mid-November 2012: mould complete, painted (shame to cover all that lovely wood!), many layers of waxing and polishing ... and ready for first layer of carbon of the hull proper.

Deck finished prior to Xmas 2012:

Deck mould faired early Sept 2012 ...

And anti-stick applied (black paint & 8 layers of wax on curved surfaces, clever new film applied to flat surfaces), before laying on the Carbon.  September 2012.

By the end of Sept, first layer of carbon vacuum-bagged on ...

... and 20mm medium-density foam (green) and higher-density foam (yellow) fitted

 10th October: top layer of carbon now over foam, basic sandwich (carbon-foam-carbon) structure complete

Late October 2012: faired and undercoat applied. D-shaped forward hatch space, area on front for anchor locker (since decided not to have anchor locker, not enough space with retractable prod - whose diameter had to increase after final engineering was done)

Deck lifted from mould so that windows could be cut and weighing to be done.  Much happiness at being pretty much on target weight for deck at 213 kg